Your Resume Sucks!

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Every other resume book missing the single most important part of the resume (#2 below).
Your Resume Sucks! is an easy-to-read story which quickly introduces you to the Three Keys to a Successful Resume. Anyone who has ever looked for a job will relate to what the young man in our story is going through. You also get to find out what employers really think when they look at resumes. Our philosophy: A job seeker is the product…a resume is the commercial…and the employer is the consumer. A resume has 3 seconds to grab the attention of the employer and persuade him or her to study the resume and decide whether or not to interview the job seeker. Our method is based on 50+ years of combined experience as freelancers and business owners. Resumes written our way work for YOU, not the employer.

Top 5 Resume Rebel Rules:
1. Lies equal goodbyes.
2. No job title – No job.
3. Don’t let dates date you.
4. Experience trumps education.
5. Worthless duh-jective statements all say the same thing…"I want a job."

The many before and after resume examples will dramatically show you why your traditionally written resume sucks.

Don’t be left in the unemployment line! Discover how to make your resume ROCK in just a brief read.