The Job Seeker & The Coach: How to Rescue and Fast-Track Your Job Search in No Time!

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Not getting enough job interviews? Or maybe you are securing interviews but not THE job?
“The Job Seeker & the Coach” is based on the true story of a professional just like you!

“Makes you realize you were doing it wrong the whole time!”
Lucille Moore

Imagine losing your job and having only four weeks to find work or be evicted from the country… For Lisa, this marks the beginning of a once-in-a-lifetime journey that transforms her job search and changes her entire career forever, bringing the reader along for the ride (Look inside the book to read how it all began). What started as a series of job search coaching sessions turns out to be an eye-opener into the hiring world and a step-by-step formula to truly stand out from the competition.

“The Job Seeker & the Coach” is not just another job search book, it is also a complete coaching experience that reveals little-known job search tools and techniques the author has used to help tens of thousands of professionals and clients find their dream job in over 100 countries.

“All I can say is WOW! I am a Life Coach and this will be a book and resource I will DEFINITELY use and encourage my clients to get.”
Ryan Smith

“The Job Seeker & the Coach” is narrated from the paradigm that a job seeker is an entrepreneur in his own right (having to find and serve “clients” throughout his career). For the first time, many advanced marketing and sales techniques are adapted to the field of job hunting, in a well-structured job search guide.

“Probably the most disruptive job search formula in the market today!”
Nicolas Deflaux (Founder of and veteran recruitment leader)

Lisa’s job search serves as a step-by-step guide and a classic case study on how to:

 ✔ Generate more calls from employers with a 100% proven Resume Writing Formula
 ✔ Secure more job interviews than the competition thanks to little-known Job Search Hacks
 ✔ Nail every job interview, (and tackle the most difficult questions) with the 3 S’s method!

“I was able to apply the tips on salary negotiation, during the first salary negotiation in my life and make more than I was expecting in this COVID-19 economy. Love the book. You will too.”
Jennifer L.

“Recommended to EVERY COLLEGE STUDENT. This is something that should be taught in school.”
Kaylen Johnson

Lisa is an American, conducting her job hunt in Dubai, a sunny, thriving trade hub that offers VISAs conditional on employment – and no unemployment allowance she can use as a parachute.
As Lisa’s coaching sessions progress, she finds that the coach’s teachings about how to reach employers and impress them are universal, timeless, and perfectly apply to the American, European, and Asian labor markets.
Discover the simple economics of how to market and sell yourself effectively with little-known tools & techniques, along with ready-made scripts and email templates for each step of your job search process.

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“This is bar none the best job search book I’ve ever read. I’ve already bought two copies for friends of mine who are new to the job market or who are looking to get back into it after some time away.”
Amazon Customer

“10000% yes!”