The Complete Guide to Getting A Teaching Job: Land Your Dream Teaching Job

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Glavac and Waxler reveal the secrets of landing the teaching job of your dreams.

“The Complete Guide to Getting A Teaching Job” is an absolute must read for any teacher searching for a teaching position in today’s competitive world. This outstanding manual holds all the necessary information for finding jobs in the teaching profession and acing interviews to secure them. 

As everyone knows, teaching jobs are extremely difficult to obtain these days, so it is imperative to learn insider techniques in order to master the application process, and later perform brilliantly in exacting and stressful interviews. 

This basic guide gives step-by-step, straight-forward methods towards accomplishing a successful job application followed by an excellent interview. 

Here is some of the best information offered in the book:

•Little known social media job search techniques that will direct you to teaching positions ahead of your competition.

•Strategies for discovering unadvertised jobs before anyone else. 

•How to create a teacher resume that makes you stand out from the competition.

•What to put and what not to put on a teacher cover letter. 

•Resume mistakes that discredit you in the eyes of the recruiters.

•The number one secret to landing a teacher interview.

•25 practice questions that interviewers are sure to ask, and tips on how to answer them. 

•7 questions that recruiters are not allowed to ask.•5 practical strategies to manage anxiety and ensure a great interview.

•12 questions you should never forget to ask the interviewer so they know you are serious about the job.

This manual will provide you with enough know-how and confidence in the difficult and stressful process of job hunting, and before you know it, you’ll be on your way to your first interview and getting your ideal teaching job.

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Dear Adam-

I sent you an email a few weeks ago after I purchased your E-book on Interviewing.I appreciate your quick response to my questions/concerns and the advice you gave me. I wanted to follow up with you to let you know that my interview went well – I felt very prepared for it and all the questions that you mentioned in your book were questions that I was asked.

So, to make a long story short, I was offered BOTH teaching positions within hours of each other! I gladly accepted the High School Business Teaching position and am looking forward to beginning my new career!

I want to thank you for your book and for your advice.I would highly recommend your book for teachers seeking interviews!

Thanks again!

Elizabeth Baca



I was very nervous since I have heard how hard it is to become a teacher; and since I have no classroom experience I was really anxious. Even with all that, your book helped me nail the job I wanted on the first interview.

Thanks again. 

My brother-in-law is also interviewing as a teacher and I will definitely tell him about your book.

It’s just outstanding.


Steve Mitchell,



Hi Adam,

I read your book, actually crammed for 2 hours before my interview, and I got the job:) There were over 100 applicants for the position!

Lisa Procopio

***Hi Adam,

I landed a kindergarten job!I no longer have to drive 500+ miles a weekend to see my family.I used a lot of your ideas.I think the best one was the behavior management one!


Jaime Breton


Thanks Adam,I got the job … I am currently teaching a first grade class at a school that is 40 miles away from home.I will be going into a second grade class as of September which is only 8 miles away from home.
Be Blessed, Pamela S