Stacked: Double Your Job Interviews, Leverage Recruiters, Unlock Linkedin

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"The Core-3 personality assessment and the phone screen method nails it every time." – Eric Bryant
"Back to work after a 10-year gap as a solopreneur freelancer. Thanks Dr. Karen!" – Mary Cambert
"I was an Executive seeking to move from the West Coast to the East Coast- the relocation strategy got me the job after months of silence." – CEO Todd
"Written by a recruiter to get you past recruiters. " – Ali Julia

Why This Book is for You

I have been working in the recruiting industry as an Executive Search Consultant and Career Coach since 2004 but something changed in 2015 that completely altered the way I do business. The goal of this book is to share that with you.

In 2015, a Digital Marketing Manager came to me as a client after failing to get a job. He had searched for a year and could barely get a call for an interview. When he did, he failed his phone screen interviews repeatedly for jobs where he was a shoe-in. Now he had an ever enlarging gap on his resume.

His type of professional background typically gets a ton of calls and does not need career coaching help. I jumped on LinkedIn to see what was happening.

His LinkedIn profile and resume was terrible. It did not communicate his skills at all which spilled over into his interviews.

I got his logins for LinkedIn and other online job boards to re-align everything and start his job search campaign.

Within 48 hours he had one job interview. By the end of the week, he had four job interviews and had hit the 500+ connection mark and …

He had not applied for a single job! Not one!

All the job interviews he got were from his optimized online profiles.

So what is the secret? It is just one phrase: Keyword-stacking.

Once you learn how to stack your profiles, you will get calls too.

What You Will Be Able to Do After This Book

• Have recruiters come straight to you for great jobs by optimizing for their search
• Get calls for jobs without applying
• Tap unadvertised jobs in the hidden job market
• Get past the ATS and the phone screen
• Relocate to a new area if you want
• Achieve salary increases
• Overcome massive gaps on the resume
• Increase the hit rate on your calls

BONUS: You Also Get FREE access to my $200 Award-winning Class which includes

• The copyrighted ‘Core-3©’ career assessment to find your dream job
• Fill-in-the-blank interview preparation scripts
• Salary negotiation scripts and so much more!

Reviews from my 5-Star Online Course

"Concise, efficient, effective. With amazingly helpful downloadable content (just copy and paste into document)…Generates results, works for every industry and all job levels.” by Kevin Massabni,

"Best-practices how-to book, and integrated video.." Paula Dee


Dr. Karen Gurney is the Director of Outsourcing and Career Coaching for Career IQ. She wrote the Stacked book to help professionals crack the code on outmoded job search and career growth methods so that everyone can experience what Career IQ offers to one-on-one clients. The author has over 500 reviews on her book, class, and LinkedIn profile. Her company offers a unique done-for-you job applications and ‘until-your-are-hired’ support. That means she sticks with her clients and knows what is working to get them jobs.

There are secret methods to a job search that no one learns in school. They are scientifically-based with repeatable success. Now any professional can access these tools, not just Executives.

This is the easiest, quickest, and most effective job search you will ever do.

"I look forward to helping you achieve your career goals." -Dr. Karen Gurney