How To Write The Perfect Resume, Complete With Resume Templates

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(as of May 10,2021 05:40:28 UTC – Details)

What makes "How To Write The Perfect Resume" better than all the other resume writing guides is:
1) It’s fast and easy to read. Only ~60 pages with double spacing.

2) It’s written from the perspective of the hiring manager who has had to read thousands of resumes just to hire hundreds of people

3) It explains exactly what you should include in each section of the resume and it tells you why

4) It includes a very easy to use downloadable resume template

5) It tells you what you must do (above and beyond your resume) to get the interview

Most books about resumes are written by headhunters and resume writers, neither of which actually hire people and then have to live with the results. This book is written by a hiring manager who, while working as a Vice President and CEO in high tech, hired hundreds of people around the world.

That offered author / hiring manager Michael T. Robinson, the unique experience to read countless resumes and then match them up with real people.

Most resumes get deleted while the hiring manager scans the first few lines of text. Most people wonder why their resume doesn’t get the attention of the hiring manager.

After founding, Michael offered Career Counseling services to people across the planet. It was here that he noticed that many of the people with poorly written, ineffective resumes (resumes that he would normally have deleted) really had a lot to offer. They just were terrible at telling their story and correctly formatting it to make it easy and attractive to the hiring manager. Thus this book was born.