How Safe Is Chicago?

Chicago is one of the nation’s larger cities, and is a huge hub amidst the mid-west. As with most large cities, there is a degree of crime that goes on in Chicago. However, crime stereotypes should not be enough to scare off someone looking into Chicago, as it is, in face, quite safe. There are many things that people in large cities should always do to avoid crime and stay safe, like not walking alone after dark and not going into bad neighborhoods. Statistically speaking, the crime rate in Chicago has been decreasing, especially in recent years, and it’s logical that these trends will continue. Additionally, Chicago’s property crime rate (at 48. 82/10,000 residents) is nearly the same as the national median (at 31.66/1,000 residents), which means that 1 in 20 people can be a victim. The violent crime rate is 12. 12/10,000 residents, in other words, only 1 in 82 people will be a victim, and since crime rates are going down, it’s only getting safer.

Recent studies show that the 3 safest neighborhoods in Chicago are Bedford Park, Racine and Clybourn Avenues and Lake Shore Drive and US Route 41. On the other hand, the West Side of the city is considered the most dangerous part. The South Side past Hyde Park and the University of Chicago is also fairly bad. However, this has been changing lately thanks to urban renewals.

Additionally, the benefits and quality of life to living in Chicago far outweigh any minor safety concerns, all of which are easily avoidable. For example, the potential employment opportunities are outstanding, and the opportunity to work in Chicago is great for anyone’s potential career growth. There are many networking opportunities in Chicago that can provide great advantage later in life. Meeting new people in new jobs will also help you stay safe in Chicago. People in your place of employment will know safety tips and will give you directions so you don’t end up lost in a potentially unsafe environment. Also remember, there’s safety in numbers, always try to avoid lonely places, especially at night.

After deciding Chicago is the right choice, the task of finding a job comes up. Often, job hunters will use a job search engine to find a job that offers the right salary and benefits for them. After finding the perfect opportunity all that is left to do is move into the great city of Chicago, and enjoy all that it has to offer.

Source by Ann R