Give Yourself a Break! Good Interview Follow-Up Begins While You’re Still at the Interview

Once you’ve completed your interviews and the thank you notes have been sent, arguably the hardest part of the process begins…the waiting game.

It could be weeks before the company has feedback for you. From your perspective, the pace can be frustrating and hard to fathom.

It’s a simple fact, though, that while the job needs to be filled the timeline can be complicated due to a variety of operational issues. The company’s radar screen is fully lit; this position – and you – represent just one “blip.”

Of course you want to know as soon as possible about the status of your candidacy. So after a few weeks you think about calling. But is now the right time? You don’t want to wait too long…you don’t want to be perceived as a pest or as someone who’s desperate…you just want to know when to pick up the phone.

Remove some of the ambiguity and make it easier on yourself by laying the groundwork for your follow-up…while you’re still at the interview.

At the close of the conversation, you should ask the hiring manager for a rough timetable. Ask what the next steps will be, and how soon he expects to have all interviews for the position completed.

If he tells you they’re anticipating completing all interviews within two weeks, you know you can call to inquire about the status of the job in three weeks (it’s advisable to wait an additional 7 days following the period of time indicated).

Of course, you may find that a decision has not yet been made – in which case you should ask when the hiring manager thinks he’ll know something further.

The point here is knowing when to make the first call.

Candidates routinely walk out of interviews without asking for a timetable. If you’re the first person they’re interviewing, your wait time will be a lot different than the final person on the list. Clear up some of the ambiguity by asking this simple question.

Source by Rebecca Metschke