Federal Resume Guidebook: Federal Resume Writing Featuring the Outline Format Federal Resume

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2021 Finalist in the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) Benjamin Franklin Award (Business & Careers, and Reference categories)

Stumped? Stuck? Need info or inspiration to write your federal resume? Top fed jobs trainer Kathryn Troutman's Federal Resume Guidebook was the 1st book on these longer resumes, and it is the best-selling guide to writing them. The 7th Edition is 90% new with more resume samples and case histories than ever! You ll find 17 sample federal resumes and 20+ accomplishment stories. The resumes include before and after resume samples, so you can easily see what you re doing wrong and how to write it right.

Remember, federal resumes are different than private industry resumes. This book helps you navigate the differences.

The Guide's New Organization jumps right in with step-by-step directions for writing an easy-to-follow, stand-out Federal Resume using the Troutman-designed Outline Format that OPM welcomes. It then addresses a wider range of Possible Goals of Jobseekers.

Part 1: 9 Strategies for Writing a Successful (Outline Format) Resume

Part 2: 10 Steps to Getting Promoted in Government

✓ Federal to federal advancement

Part 3: Federal Career Change Stories

✓ Private sector to federal job
✓ Recent graduate to federal job
✓ Extreme career change in government
✓ Federal employee to private sector

Part 4: Special Insights for Information Technology Specialists

The Guide s comprehensive offering of Resume Samples includes such hot careers as:

✓ FBI Special Agent
✓ Information Technology Specialist

How-to's covered include:

  • A step-by-step process for developing the outline format federal resume HR loves
  • Discovering your knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) through a fun how many hats do you wear on the job? exercise
  • How to find keywords from vacancy announcements to use in your resume
  • Mining previous experience by using your performance reviews
  • How to write accomplishment stories to make HR take notice of your resume
  • Tackling the required OPM core competencies (through the rarely covered example of secret service position core competencies)
  • Submitting your resume and questionnaire to USAJobs
  • How to interview and land the position
  • Special considerations for getting promoted
  • How to make those challenging career changes

Want a new federal job? This is the book you need to get there.